Maine’s Environment

Maine’s environment has not only shaped my career as a photographer/director, it has truly been a driving factor in how Anne and I raise our kids.  We take advantage of nearly all that Maine’s environment has to offer, like so many of us do.  From camping and hiking, surfing and skiing, there isn’t a season that’s wasted here in Maine. Some seasons may drag on a little long while others go by too fleetingly but they are there for the taking. That’s why we live here. Additionally, it’s a huge part of our economy.  Tourism, fishing, hunting, boating, sightseeing. More and more, it is a state where travelers will find refuge from lives that are too busy, too plugged in, and too congested.  It is one of our biggest economic drivers and once it’s gone, it’s gone. We must protect it.

I have worked for years with Registered Maine Guides, Maine Tourism, Maine Huts & Trails, Visit Maine, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, and the Appalachian Mountain Club, so I plan to lead with a very strong voice on environmental issues here in Maine, supporting renewable energy production, both onshore and off. We should be leaders in this area. Some opportunities have been missed but it is not too late to get back on track.

Maine’s aquaculture is fast becoming a rising economic star in our state as well. Oyster farming and kelp farming are environmentally additive and I am very excited to help these new industries take hold here in Maine.