Social Issues

I’ve lived and worked as a photographer and director in Maine now for over 30 years and in that time, I’ve had the good fortune to work with outstanding people that represent all corners of the wonderfully diverse fabric of what it means to be a Mainer. Discrimination of any sort is abhorrent to me and I will work tirelessly to make sure it is eradicated in Maine. Period. Many of these issues are settled law but I will work to make sure they stay that way. Equal Pay for Women - yes. Women’s Right to Choose - yes. Equal Employment Protection for LGBTQ - yes. Gay Marriage - yes. This is about human dignity. Using common decency as my compass, this is the only direction to follow. I plan to create a diverse roundtable of constituents in Yarmouth to advise on these issues and make sure that we will be leaders in this area.


Over the last year, I’ve been speaking with businesses around Maine about their challenges and to a person, they’ve all said they need help. They simply cannot find enough employees. With our aging population and a good number of our younger people leaving the state, Maine has to be a leader in effective immigration policy. On so many levels immigration is good for our state. It provides a much needed stream of capable workers and it adds to the cultural diversity of the state. All good things. However we need to make sure that newly arriving legal immigrants are helped quickly and efficiently and incentivized to be self-supporting. This will require a public-private effort and it will need benchmarks to work effectively. New legal immigrants should absolutely be welcomed and supported in Maine.


I firmly believe we need make changes and implement common sense legislation that helps curb gun violence deaths in our schools, in our communities, and around the country.   I have been endorsed by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and I am very proud of that endorsement.  Maine is a particularly challenging place to parse this conversation as it has a tremendously rich outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing. I do feel that you can have strong, purposeful legislation without affecting the tradition that sportsmen and women enjoy here in Maine.

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